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Forged Videos

 Originals Description Forged Detail Supporting Data (Mat files)
van_car Video captured by Canon sx220: van and a car moving across the street Forged Passing white van have been removed by copy and paste  
fuji_2800_man (2) Video captured by Fuji S2800hd: man appears and sits on a bench Forged Man removed from video forged_data
fuji_2800_outdoor(2) Video captured by Fuji S2800hd: people passing by Forged One person removed from video forged_data
fuji_2800_road(1) Video captured by Fuji S2800hd: overhead shot of busy road Forged A car has been removed forged_data
fuji_2800_street Video captured by Fuji S2800hd: Street view Forged Women walking across has been removed forged_data

Forged Videos by Bestagini et al Click Here

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